Lock Down Your Cloud

Organisations are migrating and modernising broader swathes of their technology estate on the cloud. With Ether Cloud Security, businesses can operate more securely in the cloud by adopting solutions that surface and address risks, misconfigurations, poor identity and access management practices, and cybersecurity threats. Strengthen cloud security with greater visibility, faster analysis, and increased automation. Protect cloud assets and resources simply and swiftly with Ether.

Ether Cloud Security Offerings

Shrink tool sprawl, alert fatigue, dwell time, and SecOps costs; while improving security visibility, coverage, triaging, and investigations with a comprehensive, platform-based approach to vulnerability, compliance, and threat management.

Cloud Scanning

Scan your entire cloud estate—including infrastructure, operating systems, applications, and data —without compromising workload performance and burdening DevOps teams with a first-of-its-kind agentless scanner. Automatically detect, prioritise, and fix vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware, lapses in identity and access management, lateral movement risk, unsecured PII data and cloud assets. Raise your organisation’s security and compliance posture with continuous assessments.

Cloud Compliance

Leverage an enterprise-grade compliance and automation platform and boost end-to-end compliance, audit, and reporting management for multi-cloud environments. Find out your business’ cloud security and compliance posture within minutes, expose blind spots, and capitalise on pre-built—yet customisable—compliance templates to speed up time-to-compliance-value. Simplify cloud security compliance with greater ease and efficiency and deliver better compliance outcomes at scale, while lowering costs and complexity.

Cloud Security Automation

Multi-cloud environments are complex and dynamic. Without automation, ensuring thousands of VMs and containers are correctly configured is impractical. With Ether Cloud Security, you can automate over 75 percent of vulnerability management tasks—across scanning, analysis and investigation, ticketing, remediation and reporting—and also automate checks to maintain continuous compliance. Increase efficiency and reliability, shrink errors, and accelerate incident response, while freeing up security resources.

Vulnerability Management

Develop a visual map of your organisation’s multi-cloud estate, generate a clear picture of its vulnerability landscape and posture—and then quantify it with a score. Scan for vulnerabilities, enrich analysis with asset maps, prioritise challenges based on risk, identify remediation solutions quickly, create tickets seamlessly with workflow integrations, and follow through with reports. Achieve a more holistic, contextual, and automated approach to vulnerability management with Ether Cloud Security.

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Find out how you can transform your business to increase agility and innovation, accelerate business transformation, enhance productivity and collaboration, strengthen security, and improve customer experience with Ether’s simple, seamless, scalable, secure, and superior solutions.

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The Benefits of Ether Cloud Security

Augment your organisation’s ability to assess and manage risk, comply with regulations, and discover and respond to threats. Find and fix misconfigurations as well as identity and access management weaknesses with fewer resources and lower costs.

Ether Advantages

Different. Distinct. Discerning.

From easy access to multiple clouds to comprehensive end-to-end services, Ether provides a host of advantages for enterprises and SMBs.

  • One-Stop-Shop

    Get access to end-to-end consulting, blueprinting, execution, maintenance, and innovation services your organisation requires to operate and thrive in a digital landscape—under one roof.

  • Comprehensive Offerings

    Ether offers all the building blocks of digital transformation including cloud computing and security platforms and solutions, connectivity and SaaS offerings, as well as managed services.

  • Professional Services

    Leveraging its deep domain and technology expertise, Ether offers assessment and advisory services to help businesses create simple, predictable, secure, and cost-effective paths to the cloud.

  • Partnerships

    Powerful partnerships with leading international technology companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Alibaba, ensure that all your requirements are met by a single service provider.

  • Cloud Agnostic

    Avoid vendor lock-in and spread your business critical applications and services across multiple clouds by getting the flexibility to pick the cloud of your choice for each workload.

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