Leveraging Multicloud for Improved Cloud ROI

    Maximize Multicloud ROI

    Leveraging Multicloud for Improved Cloud ROI

    The pandemic fuelled cloud adoption in the Asia-Pacific region; post-pandemic, the cloud remains the key driver of digital transformation and positive business outcomes. Total cloud and cloud related spending in this region is estimated to reach around US$300 billion by 2025. The ROI experienced from business process efficiency driven by public cloud adoption has given businesses in the region the confidence to move to a hybrid and multicloud approach.

    But it is not easy to move to a multicloud environment. The focus should be on executing a business transformation plan underpinned by multicloud that enables organisations to deploy the right workload to the right cloud, every single time. This is a complex decision that involves identifying the various cloud deployment options and zeroing in on the best cloud management platform that simplifies multicloud management.

    So, the question is how can organisations transition to multicloud, seamlessly navigating its various complexities? The answer lies in building a multicloud strategy by partnering with a multicloud supplier who can accelerate multicloud adoption.

    Download IDC’s Infobrief on ‘Building a Successful Multicloud Strategy: A Guide to Maximize Cloud ROI’ to get answers to, but not limited to:

    • What does the public cloud landscape look like in the Asia-Pacific region?
    • What are the differences between single cloud and multiple clouds?
    • What are the future trends that can shape a multicloud strategy?
    • What are the key focus areas of a multicloud journey?
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