Managed Services That Let You Focus on Business Growth

It is essential that the technology which supports your organisation be supported as well. The longer your team spends keeping things running, the less time they have to move your organisation forward. Ether offers holistic, secure solutions to help you manage even your most complex infrastructure and application needs. We can tailor our services to meet your goals and determine the level of service that is right for you.

Ether Managed Services Features

Integrate everything with Ether Next-generation Managed Services and discover the benefits of bringing the right people, processes and tools in place to operate as efficiently as possible — with 24/7 coverage to keep your systems running and reduce the risk of failure.


Anticipate and manage risk within the applications that run your business. Our experts leverage a unique methodology and advanced tools to monitor different layers of service and edge nodes, seeking performance and resilience.


Ensure security, data governance, and network intelligence for a more integrated and interconnected IT strategy. Count on our experts to support, manage and monitor different layers of service and types of environments.

Backup & Restoration

Reduce times from data loss, corruption, human error and natural disasters with fully managed data backup and restoration services to gain the capacity to deliver business continuity and growth.

Maintenance & Support

Keep business-critical hardware, software and systems healthy with world-class ITIL service management processes and tools for remote and on-site support and let your team focus on your business’s core competencies and strategic endeavours.

Build on the
Cloud Today

Find out how you can transform your business to increase agility and innovation, accelerate business transformation, enhance productivity and collaboration, strengthen security, and improve customer experience with Ether’s simple, seamless, scalable, secure, and superior solutions.

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The Benefits of Ether Managed Services

In this increasingly complex business environment, we understand how difficult it is to keep up. We’ve invested in a comprehensive skill set to handle this complexity and make it invisible to you.

Ether Advantages

Different. Distinct. Discerning.

From easy access to multiple clouds to comprehensive end-to-end services, Ether provides a host of advantages for enterprises and SMBs.

  • One-Stop-Shop

    Get access to end-to-end consulting, blueprinting, execution, maintenance, and innovation services your organisation requires to operate and thrive in a digital landscape—under one roof.

  • Comprehensive Offerings

    Ether offers all the building blocks of digital transformation including cloud computing and security platforms and solutions, connectivity and SaaS offerings, as well as managed services.

  • Professional Services

    Leveraging its deep domain and technology expertise, Ether offers assessment and advisory services to help businesses create simple, predictable, secure, and cost-effective paths to the cloud.

  • Partnerships

    Powerful partnerships with leading international technology companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Alibaba, ensure that all your requirements are met by a single service provider.

  • Cloud Agnostic

    Avoid vendor lock-in and spread your business critical applications and services across multiple clouds by getting the flexibility to pick the cloud of your choice for each workload.

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