An Agnostic Cloud to Spur Business Transformation

Swiftly spin up new infrastructure on the cloud or migrate your existing workloads to the cloud, speed up the migration process with ready-made tools and accelerators, and automate management and reporting, besides crucial advisory and consulting on your cloud journey with Ether Cloud Migration solutions.

Ether Cloud Migration Offerings

Ether Cloud offers a range of cloud infrastructure and migration solutions along with tools, automation, and consulting and advisory that are tailor-made to meet all your critical needs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Bypass the cost and complexity of buying and managing physical servers and data centre infrastructure by spinning up and provisioning virtual servers on the cloud complete with compute, storage and networking resources on demand and on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Workload Migration

Save money, enhance efficiency and accelerate your business transformation by migrating your existing workloads from your on-premises data centre to the public cloud and improve the performance, scalability, reliability, and security of your critical applications.

Advisory and Consulting

Define and develop a clear roadmap to the cloud to supercharge your migration and unlock business value from the cloud with expert guidance and advice complete with best practices and technical expertise that will help you make the right decisions that benefit your business.

Migration Tools and Cloud-Ready Assessment

Easily assess your preparedness and readiness to move to the cloud and simplify and accelerate the migration of your infrastructure and workloads to the cloud with a comprehensive portfolio of automated tools to realise the business value quickly and comprehensively.


Automate the management and governance of your workloads and applications in the cloud with real-time autoscaling to enhance performance. Get a unified view of all your resources, applications, and services in a single control plane to improve visibility.

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Find out how you can transform your business to increase agility and innovation, accelerate business transformation, enhance productivity and collaboration, strengthen security, and improve customer experience with Ether’s simple, seamless, scalable, secure, and superior solutions.

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The Benefits of Ether Cloud Migration

From easy access to multiple clouds to comprehensive end-to-end services, Ether provides a host of advantages for enterprises and SMBs.

Ether Advantages

Different. Distinct. Discerning.

From easy access to multiple clouds to comprehensive end-to-end services, Ether provides a host of advantages for enterprises and SMBs.

  • One-Stop-Shop

    Get access to end-to-end consulting, blueprinting, execution, maintenance, and innovation services your organisation requires to operate and thrive in a digital landscape—under one roof.

  • Comprehensive Offerings

    Ether offers all the building blocks of digital transformation including cloud computing and security platforms and solutions, connectivity and SaaS offerings, as well as managed services.

  • Professional Services

    Leveraging its deep domain and technology expertise, Ether offers assessment and advisory services to help businesses create simple, predictable, secure, and cost-effective paths to the cloud.

  • Partnerships

    Powerful partnerships with leading international technology companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Alibaba, ensure that all your requirements are met by a single service provider.

  • Cloud Agnostic

    Avoid vendor lock-in and spread your business critical applications and services across multiple clouds by getting the flexibility to pick the cloud of your choice for each workload.

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