Built for New Ways of Working

Empower your workforce with a connected workplace that enables anytime, anywhere access to tools and technologies that foster collaboration, increase productivity, ensure business continuity, and robust security. Accelerate your journey to new ways of working with Ether SaaS.

Ether SaaS Offerings

Ether SaaS offerings ensure business continuity, strengthen security, and enhance collaboration and productivity—everything your organisation needs to create a modern workplace in the new normal.

  • Business Continuity

    Business disruption directly impacts revenue and profitability. Keep your business always-on securely and cost-effectively with Backup and DR-as-a-Service. Gain peace of mind with guaranteed uptime and meet regulatory requirements.

    • BackupaaS

      Accelerate your business by backing up faster to the cloud with Back-up-as-a-Service. Switch to an opex-friendly model and eliminate the need for on-premises hardware. Protect your mission-critical data and applications within minutes. Manage backup and recovery efforts anytime, anywhere, with remote and mobile access.

    • DRaaS

      Improve business resilience while reducing costs and complexity with Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. Meet RTO and RPO requirements easily with our simple and reliable failover orchestration of multi-cloud workloads. DRaaS simplifies cloud DR for on-premises and cloud workloads utilising integrated cloud backups, removing the stress and complexity of maintaining business continuity.

  • Security

    In an age of digital transformation and remote working, the attack surface has expanded enormously. Cover all your bases with Ether’s range of AI-powered security solutions.

    • WAF

      Protect web applications from attacks and exploits—including those outlined by the OWASP. Centrally managed by a 24×7 SOC team and security experts, our WAF complies with PCI DSS 6.6. Eliminate the need to invest in hardware necessary to meet this compliance requirement with WAF.

    • DDoS

      Ensure protection against a broad range of DoS and DDoS attacks. Reduce risk with fast and effective mitigation. Equip yourself with real-time analysis of ongoing attacks and prevent them from reaching customers. Protect last-mile bandwidth, lower TCO, and avoid expensive overprovisioning.

    • Endpoint Protection

      Back up unlimited endpoint devices with our turn-key AI-powered integration of cybersecurity, recovery, and endpoint management. Ensure faster remediation with improved endpoint and data protection.

    • Zero Trust

      Authenticate, authorise, and verify identity of users, customers, and personnel before granting access to the cloud with Zero Trust protection. Protect your organisation from zero-day malware and phishing. Give the right users access to the right apps, instead of the entire network.

    • Email Protection

      Protect your emails—and your organisation’s network—from malware and phishing with our comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions that secure email gateways, enable spam filtering, and safeguard emails with anti-malware and anti-phishing tools.

  • Collaboration

    Create a deeply integrated user experience that helps teams collaborate—anytime, anywhere—more effectively, efficiently, and seamlessly with Ether SaaS collaboration and productivity solutions.

    • Productivity

      Equip your employees with all the tools they need with a suite of cloud-based solutions—from email to docs, and from spreadsheets to presentations—to get through the workday, no matter where they are.

    • Conferencing

      Stay connected with employees and customers with powerful VoIP phone systems and web or video conferencing solutions that ensure your business is always on, anytime, anywhere.

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    Find out how you can transform your business to increase agility and innovation, accelerate business transformation, enhance productivity and collaboration, strengthen security, and improve customer experience with Ether’s simple, seamless, scalable, secure, and superior solutions.

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    The Benefits of Ether SaaS

    SaaS solutions are cost-effective, highly secure, reliable, and easy-to-use. With SaaS, today’s organisations can accelerate digital transformation and create the workplace of the future.

    Ether Advantages

    Different. Distinct. Discerning.

    From easy access to multiple clouds to comprehensive end-to-end services, Ether provides a host of advantages for enterprises and SMBs.

    • One-Stop-Shop

      Get access to end-to-end consulting, blueprinting, execution, maintenance, and innovation services your organisation requires to operate and thrive in a digital landscape—under one roof.

    • Comprehensive Offerings

      Ether offers all the building blocks of digital transformation including cloud computing and security platforms and solutions, connectivity and SaaS offerings, as well as managed services.

    • Professional Services

      Leveraging its deep domain and technology expertise, Ether offers assessment and advisory services to help businesses create simple, predictable, secure, and cost-effective paths to the cloud.

    • Partnerships

      Powerful partnerships with leading international technology companies like AWS, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Alibaba, ensure that all your requirements are met by a single service provider.

    • Cloud Agnostic

      Avoid vendor lock-in and spread your business critical applications and services across multiple clouds by getting the flexibility to pick the cloud of your choice for each workload.

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